The 9 secrets of the highest converting websites

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Jissa Mohan
January 25, 2023

o you want to increase the number of sales your website drives? If so, you need to understand the secrets behind a high converting website. This can be a daunting task since there are hundreds of different theories in this area and no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we have put together this blog post.

We will reveal our top 9 secrets that the highest converting websites use to draw customers in and turn them into loyal buyers. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to improve your current results, these tips will help get your site ready for success.

  1. The use of a strong headline that captures attention

When constructing an advertisement, it's important to ensure the headline captures the attention of potential customers. A strong headline sets the tone for your entire ad and should be creative, descriptive and focused on a central message. It should be vivid enough to get readers to stop scrolling down the page and read more. A good headline should grab attention immediately while also understanding the interests of its audience. A successful headline will therefore give customers a reason to become interested in what is being advertised and will encourage them to click through when they’re that crucial step closer to making their purchase.

Take for example such interesting headlines as Airbnb's “Live There” and Slack’s “Where Work Happens” all of which are simple yet effective in capturing attention. A great headline can go a long way in ensuring high conversion rates on a website so be sure to put some thought into yours.

  1. Unique value proposition

A website's unique value proposition is an essential element for any successful business. It offers visitors to the website the opportunity to understand what makes your product or service stand out from your competitors and why it is valuable. Without an effective, concise and clear value proposition on the website, it can be difficult for potential customers to differentiate between businesses and make a purchasing decision. To ensure high conversions, companies should create a compelling value proposition that covers the main benefits of their product or service specifically. The clearer your value proposition is, the likelier you are to convert website visitors into paying customers.

An example of a company with an outstanding UVP is Amazon. It has utilized several strategies to make it successful, such as providing convenience, lower prices, and quick shipping options. The exceptionally broad range of products Amazon offers further contributes to its stunning success rate; shoppers know they can find almost anything on the site, which heightens its unique value proposition even more. Therefore, making a UVP example for a website is essential for marketing conversion - as Amazon's example shows, customers are drawn in for greater savings and convenience in their purchases

  1. A clear and concise message

A clear and concise message is essential for effective communication. Different audiences may need different levels of detail depending on their familiarity with a subject, but a succinct delivery allows the audience to process your point quickly and effortlessly. Brevity doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the necessary elements needed in order to explain a concept; rather, it highlights the key points of the message in an understandable format. Knowing what to emphasize while avoiding extra information is often the difference between an effective and poorly received message. Clarity matters, and being precise when relaying a message helps ensure that everyone involved understands its implications. 

For example - Imagine if a car website were to simply list features like 'high performance' or 'luxurious interiors.' No one would know exactly what they mean because there's no example demonstrating these features - and therefore no easy way to understand or remember the message being conveyed. But with an example, such as ‘takes zero sixty in just 3 seconds,' potential buyers can visualize the benefits and remember them better. As a result, example-based messages lead to higher conversions overall on websites.

  1. Answer in short forms 

In this age of information overload, it's essential that websites have short, streamlined forms to entice potential users into converting. Look no further than Dropbox for a shining example here, you'll only find the relevant fields necessary for onboarding and nothing more. They don't ask for usernames or birthdays-fields that often require multiple inputs and take up time and patience to complete. Furthermore, there are no security questions or verification codes that prove tricky for both developers and users alike. On the whole, ensuring a short form is an effective way to guarantee your website converts with maximum efficiency in minimal time.

  1. An easy to navigate website design

Your website should be designed with an inherently easy-to-navigate interface. A successful website design should provide efficient and intuitive navigation options, so that users can quickly reach the information they are looking for. A well-designed website should include the basics in terms of content organization labelling menus, labels, and buttons clearly providing a search function and creating an organized visual hierarchy based on how important certain pieces of content are. “Sticky” menus or search functions help guide users around a site effortlessly and quickly make important navigational elements Clearly visible. Doing these few steps will create an effective experience as well as keep customers coming back to explore your site further.

  1. Engaging visuals that support the written content

Visuals are an important complement to the written content of a website or digital presentation. Engaging visuals can bring an otherwise stagnant message to life and give audiences something captivating to look at while they pursue your content. Using the principles of design such as color, composition, contrast, and balance, experienced web developers create visuals that are inviting and can create an emotional connection with the material. High-quality graphics support the written content and help people quickly understand complex information. Overall, when used thoughtfully and appropriately, visuals have the potential to be great tools that amplify words into powerful messages with long-lasting impressions.

  1. A call to action that is hard to resist

Everyone loves a good deal, and with the current economic climate, people are looking for ways to save money. A call to action that can be hard to resist is offering extra discounts or coupons when people purchase items online or in stores. People respond well to incentives, and those that offer extra value will often find themselves having plenty of customers. These calls to action make it easy for shoppers to meet their needs while budgeting wisely. Take advantage of this approach and see the success it can bring to your business.

Some of the best examples are Indeed, Dropbox, and MailChimp. Indeed's inviting Register Now button engages users in the job-hunting process, while Dropbox keeps it simple and entices potential customers with their Get Started within three clicks slogan. Lastly, MailChimp's Try It for Free CTA draws attention and encourages sign-ups for its services. All these CTAs provide clear messages that immediately attract visitors and make them excited about what the site offers.

  1. A sense of urgency conveyed through language and design

An effective way to convey a sense of urgency is through the use of language and design. Design elements such as bold lettering, vibrant and contrasting colours, and large text can easily draw attention to an important message. Using phrases like "now," "don't miss out," and emphasizing time-sensitive deadlines all create a sense of urgency as well. By combining these two aspects, one can drive home the importance of taking immediate action when necessary. This strategy effectively turns words into meaningful visuals that leaves a strong impact on viewers.

  1. Customer testimonials and client logos

A well-crafted website has the power to transform potential prospects into loyal customers. One of the most effective ways to increase conversions and trust on your website is through incorporating customer testimonials and client logos. With authentic sentiments from happy customers, you can create a space online where visitors immediately feel welcomed and trusting of the product they're considering. For example, adding a brief video quote from a successful customer detailing the experience or outcome of using your product could be just the nudge needed for someone to make the purchase. Honoring clients' information with logo representation further communicates that yours is an upstanding company, creating an atmosphere of trust. 


When it comes to building a successful website, there are many techniques that one can employ. From utilizing different keywords and designing attractive visuals to utilizing CTAs and optimizing load times, these strategies will help set a website apart from the competition. Furthermore, tracking metrics and gathering feedback from your customers helps to ensure that you are always staying aware of their needs. Making sure you apply these methods is essential in ensuring the highest conversion rate for your website. Taking an unflinching look at the data and analytics of your website is part of the key to success. Understanding what works with your target audience and how they interact with your site will give you a leg up currently and in the future. It's clear that if done correctly, developing a successful website with great conversions is absolutely possible.

Let our website design team help you get noticed in a competitive market where an engaging website might be just the thing to make your business stand out. Reach us here!

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