Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Responsive Website Now

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Shinu Thekem
March 4, 2020

ver 1.5 billion people make use of mobile devices to get access to the internet all over the world and this number will keep on growing because of the increase in the adoption of mobile phones, tablets and other devices. In the United States alone, more than 200 million people access the web through their movable devices. In addition, research shows that over 55% of online retail sales take place on mobile devices. As a result of this, your small business cannot afford to turn a blind eye on the mobile market in order to move it forward. The need for a mobile-friendly website cannot be overemphasized and some of the benefits are revealed in this piece.

Google’s Indexing Of The World Wide Web Is Changing Into Mobile First

With the introduction of Mobile-First indexing by Google, the need for a website that works perfectly on movable gadgets has become more pronounced. Google will check if your site is brought up to date for mobile users and this will determine its rank on search results. If your site scores well in this regard, it will rank well for your choice keywords and if not, it will adversely affect its ranking. Since mobile search is based on the location of the user, you can get the advantage of converting nearby prospects that make use of their movable devices to search for what they want.

Number Of Smartphone Users In The US Is Exploding

Research shows that over 200 million people make use of smartphones in the United States and there is a forecast that this figure will continue to rise. The US is the foremost country to adopt smartphone technology in the world and this fact should not be ignored by a serious small business owner. If your website does not load properly on mobile gadgets, you will be losing a lot of potential active customers that reside in US.

Provide Social Proof That Your Product Or Service Works

According to researchers, 91% of mobile users engage in online social activities. If your website is mobile-friendly, it will be easy for you to leverage on your social media marketing which will boost engagements and sales. Social influence on your marketing is very important and your site should be able to absorb the social browsing activities of your audience. This can go a long way to prove that your product or service is working.

Provide A Seamless Digital Presence Of Your Brand

The best platform to promote your brand is through your site and having a mobile-friendly one is the only way to achieve the best result. Averagely, a consumer devotes more than 14 hours every week to carry out a research on his smartphone and he will probably purchase from one of the visited websites. Consequently, it is very important for your brand to be an active part of digital marketing with the use of an online presence that will be easy for mobile audience to embrace.

Increase Your Availability 24/7

If you want your small business to improve, it must be available 24/7 in today’s fast-paced world. Consumers don’t care the time of the day when they need something, they just pick their smartphones and purchase whatever they want, hence, your business must be available around the clock to attend to them even while you are sleeping. That is the essence of a well-designed, mobile-friendly website because customers in today’s world will not just wait for you to open your doors before getting what they want. They prefer a business that can be reached at anytime of the day and at any day of the week.

Better PPC Marketing

You can take advantage of your website’s mobile friendliness for geo-targeting your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Geo-targeting involves focusing your advertisement campaign on a particular city, state or region. This can only be effective if your site has mobile-friendly features like one-click phone call, reservation or direction seeking capabilities and other tools that will make it easier to search for information. Since 55% of mobile-search users buy within one hour of discovering what they want while more than 80% of them buy within one day, it is very important for you to make it easier for them to navigate through your site. It is very vital to state that visitors will more likely stay on your web space if they can view it properly on their movable devices and if not, they tend to leave within a few seconds of getting there.

Better Conversions And Sales

If a customer visits your website and finds it difficult to fill your contact form or make a purchase through his smartphone or tablet, you may definitely lose him. The mobile functionality of your site must be sound and this will ensure a high rate of conversion and sales for you. It has been established that mobile users spend more than their desktop counterparts, hence, you can’t afford to take the mobile-friendliness of your site for granted.

More Economical

Some businesses create two variants of their websites – one for desktop and one for mobile. This is a costly option since you can build a mobile-friendly site that works perfectly on both desktop as well as movable gadgets. This will reduce the cost of running your small business and give you more money to spend on other pressing business needs. You won’t need to worry on a separate maintenance for a mobile site and another one for a desktop version.

Mobile Is The ‘In’ Thing

Since 80% of internet users access the web through their smartphones, your thought must be geared toward that angle if you really want your business to reach your desired goal in our current world. The top priority of your website design must be given to mobile friendliness so that your business can stay relevant in its niche and be able to struggle it out with competitors. It is very vital for you to be contemplating mobile because everybody is now on mobile.

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