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Sorrrel worked with us in bringing out the alluring and scenic view of their resort in the website

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June 2023

Grounded by our working ranch and elevated with signature Moab experiences tailored to each guest, Sorrel is an enriching resort encompassing the exhilaration of the landscape, the knowledgeable hospitality of our staff, and a sustainable outlook that seeks to preserve Moab’s beauty for generations to come.

There is only one way to describe the range of experiences possible at Sorrel: once in a lifetime. Between the astounding scenery and our passionate team of outdoor experts to lead the way, there are countless ways to become immersed in the heart-pounding beauty of our vast backcountry. Explore an endless network of high-adrenaline trails in a UTV or off-road Jeep. Bask in the sublime solitude of the open sky on horseback. From Colorado river rafting to skydiving into the canyons, unforgettable adventure is just what we do.


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