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Moeva used our help in creating the Trends & Style segment as well as the travel segment within the Shopify store.

Live Project
December 2022

MOEVA is an independent global, luxury swimwear and resort wear brand founded in 2012. By combining striking design and quality craftmanship, MOEVA is the definition of timeless swimwear with an element of surprise and freshness in its design, whilst interpreting the latest European fashion trends

MOEVA was founded by three inspiring women: Burcu Tanman, Yagmur Zirh, and Damla Zirh. The idea of MOEVA was inspired by the need to find the right swimwear to make them feel beautiful, stylish, and confident, in and out of the water. Inspired by women who are strong and elegant, Burcu, Damla, and Yagmur were in search of a name that could personify their ideology of a woman. “Mo” comes from a Far Eastern expression which stands for brave and powerful, and “Eva” as the first woman created. These words combined not only emphasize the courage and the power of the women but also the attitude of the brand.


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