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An end to Marketing and Social Media Strategy enabling increased visitors and hence more donation to the non-profit covering Ads and Flyers for the Non Profit, creating and managing their YouTube channel

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BC Voices
March 2023

The non-profit organization, "BC Voices," had been working tirelessly to advocate for women's rights and gender equity through impactful storytelling and historical documentation. Despite their noble mission, they faced challenges in reaching a broader audience and securing the necessary funding to expand their efforts. To address these challenges, ADA implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporated traditional advertising, digital outreach, and video content, resulting in a 60% month-over-month growth in both exposure and donations.

To amplify their message, BC Voices developed eye-catching advertisements and flyers that highlighted their ongoing projects and the impact of their work. The ads featured real-life stories from their online docuseries as well as the organization's advocacy and education efforts. These ads were used in community events , community centers, and high-traffic areas to reach a wide audience.

Digital outreach played a crucial role in the organization's marketing strategy. The team developed a user-friendly website with clear calls-to-action, enabling visitors to learn more about BC Voices, volunteer, or donate. Additionally, they leveraged social media platforms to share updates, achievements, and testimonials. Through targeted social media ads, they engaged with potential supporters and encouraged them to join their cause.

The organization's YouTube strategy was a game-changer. They created a YouTube channel where they uploaded impactful videos that showcased BC Voices' work and featured interviews with women across multiple generations. One of their most successful videos, titled "Stand Up Speak Out," was a mini-documentary that explored the history and progress of women's rights movements. This heartwarming video garnered thousands of views, likes, and shares, leading to a surge in website traffic and donations.

As a result of these concerted marketing efforts, BC Voices experienced a remarkable increase in exposure, community engagement, and financial support. Their success was evident in the 60% month-over-month growth in donations, which enabled them to expand their programs and reach more individuals with their advocacy and storytelling.


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