Web Development Trends for 2022

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Adriana Linbaker
December 29, 2021

he world is always changing, and the way that we develop websites isn't any different. With new technologies coming out every year, it's difficult to know what will be popular in 2022. We can make some predictions based on what has happened over the past few years, but you never know how long a trend will last until it actually ends. That being said, there are definitely some web development trends for 2022 that you'll want to keep an eye on!

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The PWA technology, which is an app that functions as a website with a full-native mobile experience. It communicates to clients using native apps and runs independently from them - making it more efficient than other technologies like responsive layouts or Carta Bakshi

The future belongs largely in the hands of progressive web applications (PWAs). These intelligent programs can be thought about similar but offer many improvements over their predecessors; one major difference being how they communicate between the client-side ( webspace ) versus the server.

Here are favorable changes the PWA technology brought for businesses and users:

  • Seamless installation
  • Saving device storage and power
  • Lessened support and development expenses
  • Smooth updating and maintenance
  • Faster launch to the market
  • More flexible distribution

2. Single Page Application (SPA)

The most recent and trendy way to build websites is with SPAs. Unlike traditional website apps, these single-page assets contain all of your dynamic content on a single page that initially loads everything in order for users who don't have a fast internet connection or want more space will be able to view it without problems when they click through from clicking certain links within their browser window while browsing around different pages throughout the site--this means you never need any third party services such as analytics tools because there isn’t much going back except what's stored locally by each individual visitor! HTML5 technologies make sure these efficient web applications stay responsive no matter how many resources (such as images) are being requested at once; plus AJAX make interactions feel light

Some perks of SPAs include:

  • Offline support
  • Convenient debugging
  • Easy navigation
  • Quick page load and reduced bounce rate

3. Dark Mode UI

The dark mode trend is not just for aesthetically pleasing websites, but it has become an extremely popular way to design them. The visual pattern of this type makes devices easier on your eyes no matter what device you use!

As per an assessment of Android Authority, 81.9% of respondents accepted the use of dark mode on their devices, and 9.9% moved between light and dark mode. Another survey by Polar states that 95% of users like to use dark mode instead of light mode.

Tech biggies like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are already using dark mode UI, and many more are going to lay their hands on this trending technology.

Some advantages of dark mode UI are:

  • Reduces blue-light
  • Saves battery life
  • Makes UI content accessible and legible to all
  • Lowers eye strain even in low light conditions

4. Voice Search

The trend is undeniable and will continue to grow in the next few years. As per a Statista report, global smart speaker sales are expected to reach 35 billion U.S Dollars by 2025 which account for over half (55%) of all speech-enabled device type devices worldwide! This statistic has been made possible thanks largely due to voice search as well as other innovations like artificial intelligence or ARKit apps on mobile platforms

Curious about how much revenue these tech giants make off our voices? One study found that Google makes $20 million annually just from ads served through its "Google Home" platform while Apple collects around 1/2 trillion dollars every three months via Siri purchases alone since 2013 when she launched at WWDC Conference

With so many new Web Speech API features and improvements, including Text-To-Speech (TTS) Synthesis that enables scripts to read text content or Voice Recognition which can identify voice context in order to respond as needed - it is a great time for you to explore all of these exciting additions.

The technology will not only improve search engine rankings but also provide more engaging user experiences!

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One more trend in the web development industry! AMP technology works quite similarly to PWA. These optimized pages feature a convenient and simplified design with basic features compared to full-scope web products; they're also responsive on mobile devices so you can read their content easily no matter where your browsing from - cardioid: http://en-. This means that if someone is looking at amplified websites while riding a bike through busy streets then his/her attention won't be divided between trying to do both things simultaneously but rather having all focus aimed.

AMP is a new web design trend that shows internet users are getting more choices. Native applications and the use of 5G might help businesses save on costs with UX, but they'll still have competition from big companies in this niche market.

6. AI-Powered Chatbots

In 2022 and beyond, we expect AI-enabled chatbots to become even more versatile in fulfilling the requirements of matching user behaviors by using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and data retrieval methods.

Apart from helping organizations faster operations with text or voice chats -such as getting an employee's work schedule instantly upon request-, these sophisticated bots enhance clients' digital experience; they can accumulate information quickly when needed fix problems swiftly answer queries patiently without any delays offer a smooth interaction overall.

Thereby, many competent B2C organizations serve their clients with these chatbots within Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook, rather than common chatbots. We predict more organizations to accept AI-enabled chatbots in 2022 and beyond.

Many industries like finance, education, travel, and healthcare are profiting the most from chatbots.

7. Serverless Architecture

The popularity of cloud SaaS solutions has increased this year due to the establishment of work-from-home shifts. Being one among quickly growing domains, Web documented a massive increase in serverless architecture which is going be a significant future web development trend because it offers a smooth digital experience with no need for management or upkeep tasks such as hardware procurement/supporting, etc.,

and altogether provide optimal conditions necessary not just at the individual level but also throughout the entire business ecosystem.

Serverless computing boasts some exciting benefits:

  • Affordability
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Improved scalability
  • Scheduled maintenance

8. Motion UI

Creative web design is the hot trend this year. Startups always pay more attention to user experience and have fewer resources for looking good, but there's a chance of getting noticed by promising users if you've got beautifully designed apps or websites. Visual design has become one of the most effective marketing strategies in recent years because it can be used on all devices

The popularity of minimalistic interfaces like motion UI will only increase as well - especially since experts predict their use becoming widespread among designers who want easier ways than Photoshop touch-up skills when creating graphics.

Motion UI design allows developers to build more spontaneous digital products that are precise and efficient. The method depends on the use of CSS shifts, custom animation integration enabled by standalone libraries with many classes or animated components which save time in production as well as expenses for owners - it's an attractive option going forward into 2022!

9. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is one of the most vital tech trends that will transform the future. The increased use and availability of internet technologies has brought this change into our lives, now more than ever! Built-in features like data transfer make it possible for these devices we love so much (Google Nest Smart Speakers)to work in harmony with their surroundings - helping organizations provide services efficiently by providing personalized experience at all times.

Some exclusive benefits of IoT technology are:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Security and support

According to a Statista Report, the IoT-connected devices will reach almost 25.4 billion by 2030. It proves that IoT is one of the fastest-growing web development technologies.

10. Mobile-First Development

The mobile-first approach will shape the future of web development as more people are using their smartphones and tablets than traditional desktop computers. Many developers have already been adopting this strategy for years, so it's only natural that its popularity continues to rise in our increasingly digital world with billions investing online every day!

However, being mobile-friendly is inconstant. It means providing one-click ordering on eCommerce applications, utilizing Geolocation data for delivering a personalized experience to users, and including biometric authentication like voice recognition or fingerprint scanning, etc.

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