Top 5 Requests For Virtual Assistant Services

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Manish Balakrishnan
March 14, 2020

henever we get inquiries to hire a virtual assistant or when prospective clients land on our website searching for an affordable virtual assistant, they have a fair idea of what services they need. Collecting data from the past three years where we have been providing virtual assistant services and also providing support to various businesses in varied activities below are the Top 5 areas where virtual assistant services have been used successfully by our clients.

Content Repurpose and Reuse

There is so much content created by individuals and businesses that we are collectively drowning in content. But most of the material used is created and served in once channel and used and discarded very quickly. That is where the need for virtual assistants to perform content reuse or repurpose comes in. Content repurposing is when you're able to take a piece of video or a portion of audio or podcast, and you can turn it into relevant content in some other channel. Content repurposing is a great way to get the most out of your content and make sure it's working hard for you on multiple channels. Content repurposing and reuse is a game-changer for business owners who want to be present on multiple channels but don't have the time or bandwidth to create new content for each one. It allows you to focus on creating quality content once, and then our VA's can help you turn it into many different things.

So you can take a recorded video, and you can turn it into a blog post, or you can turn it into social media posts, or you can turn a podcast and make show notes from it for use on a website. These activities help in making sure that the business owner only has to focus on creating one piece of content, and then our virtual assistant can come in and help turn that into lots of different things.  Being a business owner means that you must be equally present on all channels like YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook, and you have an email list, and so you always have to come up with new content all the time. It is draining and exhausting work for a business owner. So our VA's can support the business owner in only having to make that piece once, and then you can do a whole bunch more with it.

Organic Social Media Management

One of the most well-known use cases for affordable virtual assistant service requests has always been Organic Social Media Management. Organic Social Media Management means managing the businesses or client's social media accounts, regularly posting content on them, engaging with the followers, and growing the engaged audience for the company or client.

So, this work can span from posting on behalf of clients to their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter to taking over someone's Instagram story and collaborating with influencers. The client can put their content and creatives into a Google Drive, and our VA's can go in put together a cute caption from that audio snippet they sent you last week of them talking about something and manage their social media channels for them. It also involves understanding the voice and tone of the customer and creating content in that same vein.

As everyone knows by now, engagement on these social media platforms is the key, and the only way to engage is being authentic on these platforms and spending time on the platform. Also, from a client perspective, this is an extraordinary amount of time that they can free up to work impactfully on their real business and get in revenue. Our virtual assistant work with the client to make sure they get their time back and after two weeks of work and review process are happy to take social media channels and run with it with very little support from the business owner.

This is a process that can be used for any business, but we have found it to be very effective for content-based businesses. If you have a blog, or produce other types of content, you can easily repurpose that content into social media posts and infographics. You can also use old blog posts to create new eBooks or whitepapers. There are endless possibilities for how you can reuse your content, and by doing so, you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

Lead Management and Customer Success

Another big reason why business owners or coaches and consultants look to A Digital Agency to create a virtual assistant-based solution. After engaging your audience, what happens when the prospective client comes to your digital property (Website, Landing page, FB Page, etc.). How do you convert them customers, and when they become customers, how do you proactively manage them so that they remain a customer for the foreseeable future.

Our virtual assistants perform activities like managing somebody's CRM and their email management system. These activities can include managing their name and address to updating their join date to finding their social media handles. Creating and running email newsletters using MailChimp, Mailer lite, and running lead generation funnels using Click Funnels or any other similar funnel system and sending out marketing emails.

Also, once the prospects become a paying client, then putting on the hat of Customer Success and making sure that the paid customers are always at the forefront of our services. These may include services like housekeeping and back end administration services of working will billing and invoicing system, information update on our system, customer complaints and tracking, customer reviews, and feedback.

Back Office and Administration Services

Back Office and Administration Services might be the primary reason due to which the term virtual assistant services started, which is to take care of real administrative work. We at A Digital Agency always get asked what all services make up Backoffice, and Administration Services, and our answer is still that it depends. Every business is different, so the exact job profile for each company and the support needed will differ slightly.

At a very high level, these virtual assistant services include things like managing the email inbox of the business owner, managing the calendar, appointments, and schedule, managing their travel and bookings, etc. It also differs depending on the type of business.  It can include controlling the support inbox of the company, FB chat, or the website chat, as well as managing customer inquiry through any of the social media channels.  It also includes running bookkeeping and business invoicing, vendor payment management, returns and refunds of products or services, and all things needed to have a fully functioning business in today's world.

The backbone of any business is its back office and administration services. These are the unsung heroes that keep the business running smoothly day in and day out. Without them, the business would quickly grind to a halt. There are many different types of back-office and administration services, but they all have one thing in common: they keep the business running like a well-oiled machine. Here are just a few examples of what back office and administration services can do for your business:

Manage your email inbox so you can focus on other things
Handle customer inquiries via social media or other channels
Run bookkeeping and invoicing tasks
Pay vendors and manage refunds/returns

As you can see, back office and administration services can be a huge help for businesses of all sizes. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the little tasks that need to be done in order to keep your business running smoothly, consider enlisting the help of a back-office or administrative service. It could be the best decision you ever make!

Podcast Virtual Assistants

Podcast Virtual Assistant request is something we have seen an uptick in recent times. It is the need for an affordable virtual assistant for hire who can effectively handle all the activities related to Podcasts. This type of request is very new, but the kind of work involved in similar to other Virtual Assistant tasks. If the client has a Podcast of their own or is collaborating with others, this is the type of request they make for a virtual assistant. The activities involved have two parts, pre-Podcast recording, and post-Podcast recording activities.

When it comes to pre-Podcast recording, the Virtual Assistant manages the schedule, reaches out to new guests, and performs the necessary paperwork for the podcast interview. The Virtual Assistant also researches the topic as well as the person and provides research notes to the client to make sure everything is set for the Podcast interview to happen.

The post-Podcast activities for a Virtual Assistant include activities, some of which might be a specialized skill set like audio editing and voice quality work. But others are more mundane like creating the graphic for the episode, social media marketing of the Podcast episode, create show notes. In some cases, these virtual assistant activities also include a transcription of the Podcast episode, converting the Podcast episode into a blog, repurposing the content of the Podcast episode for social media and YouTube. There are also administrative tasks like updating the Podcast episode on your website, uploading it to your Podcast apps, and finally analyzing the listening numbers and suggesting improvements.

Wrap Up

We hope this list of the top five requests for virtual assistant services has been helpful! If you're thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, we highly recommend it - they can be a huge help in keeping your business organized and running smoothly. As always, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us at our website DSHG Sonic. We're always happy to chat! These are some related links to help you know more the works of a VA Best Virtual Assistant Services, 25 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant and The Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services.

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