Small Business Owners Embrace Digital Transformations

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Manish Balakrishnan
February 4, 2020

unning a small business in today’s world is very challenging because the rate at which things are changing is rapid. Your success will largely depend on your ability to move with time and embracing digital transformation will go a long way in positioning your business for greater heights. Digital transformation is a method of optimization on a regular basis for improved performance. The digital maturity of your business is largely dependent on your niche and in order to achieve the best transformation, there are key goals you need to work on and some of them are discussed in this piece. Technology is everywhere and it’s no secret that it’s revolutionizing the way we work. In a world where technology is in every part of our lives, it’s hard to believe that so many businesses are not taking advantage of how it can help them.

Micro Experiments And Macro Changes

Micro experiments measure the little actions that contribute to your engagement, browsing models and so on. These are called "micro" because they're small in comparison with macro changes which directly affect revenue for an organization. You must always endeavor to experiment with new ideas from time-to-time in accordance with your business goals. When you discover actions that succeed, expand on them and when there is failure learn lessons from it so as not repeat the process again because every action has its own rewards or drawbacks which can help improve future outcomes if taken properly after taking some initial risks too.

Customer Expectation

Your customer experience is very vital in your digital transformation policies and it is worthy of note that there is no gap of customer expectation between big and small business owners who embrace digital transformations. Your customers should be the major focus of your plan and you should ensure that they will absorb the innovation. It is important for you to take feedback from different platforms and analyze them in order to come up with the right strategy. You should design customer interactions that will meet or exceed your customers’ expectations and show-casing your digital advancement in a timely manner will assist you in achieving this.

Don’t Aim For Perfection In Data and Systems

Perfectionism kills innovation and you should be careful not to be caught in its web. If you expect perfect data and systems, you may be disappointed as you may never get it. You need to identify the area you are getting it right and leverage on it. You should carry out your homework properly, obtain your facts and make the best verdict. You should not forget to device a self-fulfilling culture so that your digital transformation plan will succeed.


It is very vital to personalize your digital transformation strategy using both front-end and back-end technological processes to ensure better customer experience. If your desire is to digitally transform your business, you should put the needs of your customers first because many of them are now digitally astute. You should ensure an absolute dedication to greater responsiveness on the part of your customers since they are the ones that will make use of the system.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs To Embrace Digital Transformation  | by Miracle Ewim | Medium


Automating your workflow especially as related to your customers will ensure higher productivity and boost revenue. Automation saves you thousands of dollars, lots of time and brain cracking. There are many processes you can automate and they include SMS notifications, feedback portals, product renewals, customers’ demos and so on. A lot of businesses make use of email to manage notifications, but the SMS advantage is that there will be more click rates. You can also automate how your survey is made available to your customers and at what frequency, so that reliable feedback can be acquired for the development of your business. Product renewal messages need to be updated so that your customers will know the right time for renewal. In addition, demos explaining the value of your business can be made available to your customers in an automated format.

Educate, Entertain And Engage

Customers of today’s world want businesses that will give them digital contents which will enlighten them about their products and services. In addition, they want the contents to be enjoyable and of course, captivating. They also want the contents to be interactive so that they can comment, share and communicate directly with your business. As a result of this, there is a high expectation on your small business to create, spread and manage an accumulating volume of top digital contents marketing. If you cannot do this successfully, your business will seem to be old-fashioned, lacking in current realities and unable to meet the yearnings of your customers.

Creating An All-channel Experience

Your customers want to reach you through virtually all channels because majority of them are digitally savvy. Consequently, you should join up all your digital channels so that your customers will have an all-channel experience. In order to achieve this, you need to produce an experience management policy that focuses on end user experience. Another way that small businesses are using digital technologies is by investing in social media marketing. Social media marketing allows businesses to reach a wider audience with their message and build relationships with potential customers. Additionally, social media marketing channel can be used to create brand awareness and drive traffic to a company’s website or blog.

Using Data To Continually Improve And Optimize

It is important for you to examine data from different sources and analyze them to discover what they are telling you. The data will give you the opportunity to recognize problems, attitudes, etc., that are in the system which should be addressed properly. For example, transaction of customers on your website or app may be slow or complicated and if this is not properly treated, it may affect the rate of conversion. Furthermore, it may reduce sales, lead to loss of customers and ability to get new ones.

Testing, Experimenting And Revising

Another important step in digital transformation is to test solutions to a problem when identified. Testing the solutions should be on a few customers so that you will be able to know if the step you have taken will solve the problem and enhance customer experience. If you are able to succeed with the test, a fresh set of rules should be created which will be distributed across all your digital assets for all your customers to access. You need to be regularly vigilant with your data and this will go a long way in boosting your conversion rates which in turn will lead to an increase in revenue.

Recruiting The Right Roles Within Your Team

If you have a team working with you, it is important for you to engage people who understand digital transformation for boosting customer experience. They should be good analysts of data and be able to come up with new ideas on improving the process. Small business owners are embracing digital transformations more than ever before. In fact, the study found that 97% of small businesses have adopted at least one form of digital technology in order to help them run their businesses. This is great news, as it shows that small business owners are recognizing the importance of using technology to stay competitive.

Overall, it’s clear that small business owners are embracing digital transformations more than ever before. By using digital technologies, small  businesses can scale their operations, reach a wider audience, and create brand awareness. Additionally, digital technologies make it easier for small businesses to track their progress and measure their success. As the world continues to become more digitized, small businesses will need to adapt in order to stay competitive.

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