SEO & Content Marketing Guide To Rank Organically

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Mary Joy Tenorio
February 12, 2022

EO and content marketing are two of the most important aspects of online marketing. If you want your blog to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to optimize your website for SEO and produce high-quality content. In this guide, we will discuss how to improve your SEO and create great content that will help you rank higher in SERPs spending money on ads

You'll learn:

  • How to do find the keywords that help you get high intent lead (The ROI-Led Keywords)
  • How to ensure you focus on the most impactful ideas all the time
  • How to write content that ranks
  • How to get backlinks (without spamming & begging for links)
  • How to convert existing users to leads & customers from your blog
  • How to distribute your content elegantly on socials

Why SEO?

To cut down the cost of paid advertising, it's important to use SEO-friendly techniques like optimizing blog posts for search engines. The better you do this and connect with people who are likely interested in your product or service on SERPs, social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter the more will come across your website which ultimately grows business opportunities by attracting new customers!

Reasons why:

  • Reduce cost
  • It lasts longer
  • Gives you authority and credibility
  • It's super easy

When to focus?

As soon as possible, given the reasons why use SEO you have to start now

Normal SEO Funnel

This is the wrong way of SEO Funnel

Most people focus starting to attract the unaware people than starting to most aware, this is the wrong way, here's why

What should you be doing instead

You should start with the most aware customers because even if it's 3% but focus on that and use SEO strategy. You can always go down from there!

How to actually do that?

Understand your customer

  • What's their designation?
  • How does your product/ service help them?
  • What are the daily challenges?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they like to read?
  • How do they get influenced from?
  • How do they buy?
  • What makes them share something from their network?

Here's the example: Userpilot

  • Product Manager in Saas companies
  • No coding needed
  • Product and feature adoption
  • Slack, Facebook, and Product school-related channels
  • The Product People Podcast, Product school guide, Product Managers HQ, and Dribble
  • Hiten Shah ( Product Habits Newsletter)
  • Prior Research try before buy
  • Content that is addressing their current challenges and make them look smart

How do you find those keywords -> Talking to your customers

You need to know:

  • What triggers people to begin the buying journey?

Made up of three stages Awareness, Consideration, and Decision the Buyer's Journey is based on the fact that today's consumers are online and more informed than ever, which puts them on a track to make an educated decision on their purchase before they ever contact you.

  • What job are they trying to get done?

Jobs to be Done is a theory of consumer action. It describes the mechanisms that cause a consumer to adopt an innovation. The theory states that markets grow, evolve, and renew whenever customers have a Job to be Done, and then buy a product to complete it (get the Job Done). or shortly as things they want to accomplish

  • What are the pains with other solutions?

How to Show Customers That You Understand Their Pain Points

  1. Tailor Your Solution to Their Business. Present your solution in a way that solves their specific problems.
  2. Use the Same Language.
  3. Emphasize Solving This Pain Will Help Your Prospects Do.
  4. Show How Your Solution Can Relieve This Pain.
  • What are the selfish desires?

Know what the customer really wants and what benefit and satisfaction they can get from your product

Here are the stages of the SEO funnel :

Most aware

  • Brand name reviews
  • Brand name pricing
  • Brand name integrations
  • How to cancel X Brand subscription

Product Aware

  • Brand name vs
  • Brand name alternatives
  • Brand name competitors

Solution aware

  • Brand name + Software
  • Brand name + Tools
  • Brand name + Game

Problem Aware

  • How to's
  • Ideas
  • Naming
  • Examples
  • Best practices
  • Tips

How do you prioritize which keyword to write for?


  • High volume keyword (above 100 to 10,000)
  • Low keyword difficulty (easy to rank for) (Under 30)
  • Competition to rank in the top 10 is not high
  • Few backlinks
  • Authority

Note: you can use keyword explorer to check your keyword rank

How do you write content that ranks?

Here are the 7 mental models to remember:

  • Keyword intention set stage- You can use Uber suggest this is a great tool for keyword ranking
  • Be a journalist, not an expert- Do more research and add more information to your blog
  • Write for skimmers, not for algorithms -Tip you can you and learn how to create a blog intended for skimmers
  • Be honest and neutral
  • Make it richer (more data, more research, more user-cases)
  • Make it stickier (more examples, imagery, gifs, videos)
  • Always add a CTA (Call to action)

How to promote and why?

  • Give to your top affiliates as a "gift" - People trusts people

Affiliate or influencer, you do the content and they will deliver it

How to get backlinks? External link building

Guest blogging is the only elegant way to get backlinks where you want

How do you measure performance?

  • More leads and conversion
  • Search Engine keyword rank
  • Domain Authority
  • CTR Increase
  • Increase in search traffic
  • Increase in backlinks
  • Bounce Rate
  • Scroll %

Here are the SEO tools that are helpful

  1. Search Console
  2. Keyword Planner
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. StoryChief
  7. Keyword Everywhere

Wrap Up

What are you waiting for? With these SEO tips from Aazar Ali Shad, your blog will be ranking higher than ever before!

Check out our SEO blogs to know more about ranking your sites and how it's helpful for growing your business

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