Mobile App Marketing: How to Get More Users and Increase Revenue

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Adriana Linbaker
October 4, 2021

here are over 4.3 million apps in the App Store and 2.9 million Google Play Store! That’s a lot of competition waiting to be conquered, but it doesn't have to be daunting for you if your product has what they're looking for, especially if they're already scrolling through hundreds or thousands upon Thousands when browsing their favorite app stores like Apple iTunes or Android Market Place respectively. So make sure before launching an app that has been designed with quality content from scratch instead opting out at some point during development stages by using templates as many developers do nowadays since designing can be laborious work indeed but does pay off handsomely down the road once someone downloads one single copy then spends hours playing it for free.

You have developed your app, but now what? How do you get it in front of people to download and use it? More importantly, how can you increase the number of people who are downloading and using your mobile application? In this article, we’ll explore the 8 most effective ways to promote your app to help you maximize your downloads:


Building a proof of concept app requires the same process as building any other business or software product. Legitimacy is key for establishing your online presence, and people want to know that you’re truly invested in it as a business before they'll give their hard-earned cash.

For enterprise brands, your app needs to be prominently featured across the site and not an afterthought or small logo on the footer. Instead, it should have a presence wherever it makes sense for users too.


It is important to use social media as an effective tool for app promotion. There are two ways you can connect with your audience- through paid advertising or organic content sharing, but make sure that the strategy fits each individual platform so it will be more successful overall.

Here's the comparison of the two


You might think that bad press can come only from a lack of public opinion, but in reality, it's the opposite.

If your company does not have any media mentions and influencer conversations to speak of then you're left with just word of mouth which doesn't go very far at all. There are many ways this could happen though; one way being through hired advertisement campaigns by companies who know how important these types of promotion really are for business success. below are a few to consider:

  • Press release
  • Host a launch party and invite the local media and tech influencers
  • Interviews with local newspapers and tech bloggers
  • Guest blogging


The app store optimization or ASO for short is the SEO of mobile apps. It's imperative to be discoverable in today’s oversaturated market- and there are many ways you can go about achieving this success! 

App Store Optimization (ASOP/SEO) means getting your company names out on everyone's screens as much as possible so they'll find it when searching with keywords related specifically towards what content could potentially interest them based off past behavior patterns across various devices including desktop computers; laptops; tablets such those made by Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation among others—and Facebook users who use iTunes stores to download apps.

In other words, you have to market your app as much as possible so it'll be seen by the largest amount of people—and that's how you grow a userbase. If you’re wanting to accomplish solid ASO, pay attention to the following:

  • Your App name – Is it unique? Is it easy for your audience to find?
  • Keywords – Include relevant keywords but be careful not to ‘keyword stuff’. Yes, you want to be found but you also want to sound natural.
  • Description – Does your description clearly articulate your app’s value and is it frequently updated with app update descriptions and release notes?
  • Screenshots/video – Do you have 4-5 feature screenshots or a video tutorial outlining core app highlights? Remember, app screenshots are the first impression the viewer will get of your app so make sure they are professional, easy to understand and showcase your app’s primary function and purpose.
  • Ratings – Do you have positive app ratings? If not, make an effort to collect positive reviews from your existing users as this will likely improve your app’s credibility and increase downloads.


Apple introduced Search Ads, which is a paid advertisement within the App Store. You're able to bid for relevant keywords so that when a user searches using particular terms your app appears first and takes up more space on the screen.

Now is the time to catch up with Apple Search Ads, as they have a 50% conversion rate! These services can help your app perform better in markets where there are more users.


Do you know anyone in the tech world or within your respected industry that could help promote and get the word out for this app? 

If so, then reach out to them! Connecting with influencers is a sure-fire way of attracting new users.


Treat your app like a traditional product launch. How do would you promote it? It’s not uncommon to see app ads on TV or while streaming content online.

Your customers may be downloading your app while they are in the store, so make sure to advertise it! Consider running a promotion and giving away something special just for downloading.


No matter how great your product is, it won't be worth anything if people don’t like using it. So make sure to put in some time and effort into making an effective application that will provide them with everything they need from start to finish!

The competition for this type of market share has never been more fierce so you better get on top of things quickly or else someone else might take what was yours first without even trying their hardest because everyone wants the best possible experience when shopping online these days.

The first thing you need to think about is how your app will be presented. This means coming up with an attractive name for it and some marketing materials so users can learn all they need to know before making the decision of whether or not to download your product! If that seems like too much work then just don’t waste any time.

You should invest in a mobile marketing platform, or mobile app marketing software as they are often known, that gives you the insights necessary to engage and retain your users and predict your risk of churn.

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