8 Customer Retention Strategies for Mobile Apps

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Adriana Linbaker
August 4, 2021

oday, mobile apps are in the rage, and it's no secret that the mobile app industry is increasing. With many people using smartphones and tablets doing everything from banking to shopping, it's no wonder that app developers have been scrambling to create new applications for these devices. The mobile app world is a competitive market, and there are so many apps out there that it can be hard to keep customers coming back and stay relevant, and you need to be able to retain your customers. 

Mobile app engagement is an important metric to measure your success, and you can track this by counting the number of daily active users, amount of time spent on a mobile phone application each day, and how many times it opens up per session, and as well how much revenue you are generating. With all the apps in the world today, it might seem impossible to measure and improve your app every single day, but there is a range of engagement metrics to choose from depending on what type of app it is. The goal will be to measure these metrics to understand better how people use your application and find ways to make it even more engaging.

However, not every company successfully retains the customers once they've downloaded the app, and the competition is mind-blowing, and it's hard to keep customers without good retention strategies. Luckily, there are eight strategies you can implement in your app right now to increase customer retention and make sure they come back for more.

 1. Improve and grow regularly

Mobile app trends are constantly changing, and you need to keep up with these changes in technology. As a developer, it's essential to stay current with the latest technology trends; otherwise, you could use out-of-date or incompatible technologies and operating systems, leading to decreased engagement and retention rates. 

What are the best ways to keep an app updated? Well, it can mean fixing bugs, adding more features, or refreshing everything altogether, and keeping up-to-date with operating system changes, and staying committed by giving your customers a better experience by constantly updating the app. The more frequently you update the app, it doesn’t matter. It's the feedback and the understanding of customer needs. It takes time for research before launching any improvements that might irritate users who are already satisfied with the current version.

 2. Use in-app communications to your advantage

In-app messages are one of the best ways to retain new users and make them feel important, and when seeing the in-app messages, it means someone wants your attention specifically while using the app.

In-app messages, like push notifications, appear even when a user is outside the app, unlike with push notification pop-ups that have limited reading time windows due to their appearance on all screens of devices and can easily ignore by users’ fingers by moving around in transitory states such as scrolling through their Facebook feed, in-app message popup prompts allow you more chance to know new features that are constantly updating.

In-app messages and push notifications both have the potential to keep your app’s customers engaged but have different target audiences. Push notifications mainly target inactive users who aren't using their devices as much, while in-app messages aim for those most active members of an app's community. Both can be effective ways to retain a customer base. However, it is important not to bombard them with too much information on the same topic that you just gave them through another medium, so one doesn't outweigh or replace the other method entirely.

3. To increase engagement, use gamification

If you want to keep your mobile app in the game, it's essential not only to look good and function well but also to provide them an exciting experience. It can be challenging for developers because there is such a competitive platform as with any business or industry; customers will always look for something new to spice up their days.

 The mobile app world is a competitive space that never sleeps. As such, it’s always looking for ways to stay on top, and developers are constantly trying out new features to keep their apps fresh while also keeping customers coming back time and again. One way they can do this is by providing an exciting experience with each update or release of the program. Mobile apps are a competitive market, and developers need to think outside of the box to stand out, and the best way for this is by making products more fun and exciting. Gamification is a strategy you can use to incentivize users of your mobile app. Gamification involves adding game-like features like rewarding them for completing tasks, which will make the experience more enjoyable.

4. Keep track of your data right from the start

The data gathered by your mobile app can help you create effective strategies to retain customers. For instance, when a problem occurs with the user experience on one device and quickly becomes apparent in another area, this would be flagged for attention.

The apps we use every day are more powerful than some people might imagine - they collect private information without us even realizing it. It means we need to take extra precautions to protect our identity if these companies were ever hacked or went bankrupt.

5. Customize the user's experience

Creating a personalized experience for users is an integral part of retaining them. For example, you could provide insights based on how they use your app to keep it interesting. Personalization is essential to mobile app retention because it offers insights into how people use your app, and with these, you can help them stay engaged. Personalized engagement through personalization will help you retain your current users while also attracting potential prospects who want their experience of using your product customized according to their preferences.

6. Use push notifications to stay up to date

Push notifications are a great way to stay up-to-date with what is happening in your favorite mobile app. They will pop on the screen, ideally at times when you're not using it, and give you essential information such as deals or new content that are released, and you have complete control over these messages by opting out of them if it bothers you too much.

Push notifications are a powerful way to get your users back. You can use them as an incentive for inactive customers to return, or you might even send rewards and promotional offers that would be of interest. So, as long as they're active on their end and an excellent way to re-engage with the users. You can also use them for more targeted campaigns by targeting inactive and active users separately.

7. Improve your mobile app's onboarding process

Onboarding is a critical element of initial user retention, and it's essential to make an excellent first impression and keep users coming back for more. First impressions are crucial, and that's why onboarding is such a necessary part of the user experience where in fact, it can make or break your retention rate. 

A good onboarding experience is the best way to make your new user feel at home with a great design that should be simple and intuitive, without being boring or too simplistic. The visual content of your website will engage users. At the same time, they learn about what you have to offer them as a company instead of overwhelming them with information all in one place on their first visit and since onboarding is one of those critical elements to make sure this happens by giving them resources and tips on how things work from day one so there are no surprises later when they need help with something specific. The onboarding process is vital to the success of your app, so make sure it looks good.

8. Users who are actively engaged should have rewards in some form

According to a recent study, customers are impressed by loyalty rewards and persuaded into choosing one store over another if points or other incentives have reasonable offers. It is also great for business owners whose apps are to attract users.

With so many ways to incentivize mobile app usage, it's essential for marketers and developers that the incentives are appealing. One way is through a reward system like coupons or points one can redeem on their next purchase, and after every checkout, you could give them discounts, which they can use either right away or in-store. 

In an era where we have the convenience of mobile apps, it’s always a challenge for developers to maintain app users. This article listed some retention strategies and tips that you can use to get your customer back on their feet again. The best mobile apps are the ones that keep their users coming back, and this means you’ll have to make sure your app is innovative, easy-to-use, and addictive. 

People indeed love fantastic mobile apps, but not all of them can be successful, and above are the eight strategies to follow if you want your app users to remain loyal and engaged for a long time. 

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