Marketing Trends for Second Half of 2021

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Adriana Linbaker
June 16, 2021

arketing has changed drastically in the last decade. The world of business is constantly changing and with it, marketing trends too. As a result, some marketing strategies that were once popular are now irrelevant. That said, there are plenty of new strategies on the horizon to replace them! In this blog post, we will discuss what these 10 trends for the second half of 2021 will be as well as why they're important for businesses to know about.

Here are the 10 trends to look out for this second half!

1) Artificial Intelligence

We've seen artificial intelligence in a lot of different industries, but marketing is one that's only just starting to see it. This year alone there have been AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents for customer service inquiries on both the personal side (like with Facebook) as well as on the business side.

In 2021, AI will play an important role in digital marketing, with messaging and chatbots utilizing AI to provide personalized responses for increased customer engagement. It makes the process of marketing smoother and more personal.

2) E-commerce Shops

Ecommerce shops are growing in numbers with the change of time. It all starts from a single shop to multiple businesses online and offline, which is why there's so much competition now for these kinds of businesses. Marketing techniques such as SEO content writing, social media marketing campaigns, video marketing, or email marketing are very relevant.

It also helps customers to know what kind of product they need, or see if the price is competitive for them. There are many businesses that offer eCommerce services to their customers but not all have good design and creative marketing campaigns. These qualities are essential for these kinds of companies because it helps in boosting sales through promotions and as well as building strong customer service.

3)Video Marketing

Video marketing is trending in the business world. It has become a way to convey a message quickly and with a lot of impacts. Businesses are moving away from just using still images because people today have short attention spans. Video is what captures their attention for longer periods of time than other forms of media do, which will lead to more increase of viewers.

It is a trend nowadays for businesses to have video marketing and videos that are at least one minute long. It is important to them to establish their branding through video marketing and is utilized.

4) Chatbots

The continued development of chatbots has opened up a new and exciting way for marketers to interact with consumers. Chatbot technology is still in its infancy, but it will likely play an even larger role going forward as online customer service becomes more competitive.

Chatbots are especially appealing because they can provide instant answers that would otherwise take hours or days. It helps business owners save time, and as consumers become more accustomed to using chatbots for things like shopping or ordering food, they will likely be less inclined to use humans.

The biggest barrier right now is the lack of a high-quality customer service platform that includes bots. This might mean that businesses have to create their own bot system from scratch or hire a programmer.

5) The Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is a marketing trend that has emerged as one of the most promising trends. Conversational Marketing’s are messages and conversations - both online and offline, which aim to build customer engagement by engaging them in conversation with businesses through chatbots, voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.

They design conversational marketing campaigns with the objective of creating a more personal interaction with consumers while being able to measure their success. The Conversational Marketing trend has quickly become popular in recent years and is expected to continue growing at an exponential rate over the next decade. Conversational marketing relies on no human input from the company being advertised.

6) Use of Programmatic Advertising

The rise of programmatic advertising is a trend that has helped bring in marketers from different industries and companies. This type of advertising lets advertisers reach their audience without them having to worry about the details on how it all works because they are able to create an ad with what content or message they want, then set up when or where it will show up.

It's basically where marketers use algorithms and automation tools in order to identify what type of content users are likely to be interested in getting, based on their browsing history and other factors like location or demographics.

This is a great way for advertisers to find the right audience quickly and efficiently without having much work involved behind it. It helps business owners to target their audience with a high level of precision. Programmatic advertising is on the rise in today's marketing world, which means that business owners will need to make sure they're up-to-date with all new developments so as not to be left behind when it comes.

7) Usage of Social Media Stories

Social Media Stories is trending up in the second half of 2021 because it has such an impact on social media and how we interact with our friends, family members, celebrities, and businesses. It will continue to grow as people are looking for new ways to share their lives online.

In the last three years, Instagram has been trying to compete with Snapchat and other social networks by adding stories. The feature is now on more than 400 million accounts and growing fast. Brands are taking advantage of this new trend in storytelling. It helps develop style in marketing and the voice that the brand wants to portray. It also proofs of products and services to a wide variety of customers.

8) Usage of Social Messaging Apps

Social Messaging Apps are taking the world by storm with people using them for socializing and connecting. Facebook is still leading in this space but other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, and TextPlus have all grown immensely over the past few years as well. These platforms offer a way to connect with friends or family privately. It helps business owners to establish a strong marketing strategy as these platforms provide a new and innovative way to connect with customers.


It is a kind of trend that the company should deliver a personalized experience to each visitor. It is a trend that can be seen in many industries, such as retail, finance, and the healthcare industry. Personalization helps create customer loyalty because they feel like their needs are being met with what they want. Personalized marketing messages also help by not wasting money on sending irrelevant content.

It helps consumers find what they want faster and easier. It helps to make the sales conversion rate higher than before because of this personalization. It also can be seen that personalized marketing messages are more effective at interacting with customers due to it being relevant for them, so when someone clicks on a call-to-action button, then there is an increase in conversions.

10) The use of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a trend that has been growing since the late 90s. Influencers are increasingly becoming more powerful and present in society due to their popularity on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Influencer marketing is a way of promoting your products or services by using someone who already has an established following online – which could be anything from different kinds of social -called 'celebrities' to professionals within the industry.

The most popular influencer marketing services are offered by companies such as BlogHer, which uses bloggers and other social media stars in order to promote their products or services through sponsored content and affiliate links; Tap Influence, a service that pays its influencers per post they publish in any social media platforms.

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